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Coast Candles Co.

We NOW stock the lovely "Coast Candles Co." in the salon!


Hand poured from the Scottish Highlands. Coast Candles give you something special by using the natural wax of "rapeseed" and scents that fill your room with the heavenly aromas. The candles have a wooden wick to them, making the sound of a "crackle" when lit. The candles burning time is 40hrs. Perfect as a gift to someone special as all candles come in a gift box, tied with silk coast candles co. ribbon. 

Also available is the waxmelts. Receive 5 waxmelts in a small bag. The waxmelts come in a shape of a heart, where you melt one heart at a time in your waxburner and allow the spa aromas to fill your room. 

Scents we have in Salon:

Rock Rose Gin (ONLY available in candle)

Fragrance of Verbena and Juniper with fresh Sherbet notes – our distilling day aroma for all to enjoy!

Beach Orchid Blue 

The fragrance of Raspberry and Lemon – zingy freshness, freedom sensations abound. 

Atlantic Gorse 

The fragrance of Honeysuckle, Coconut and Vanilla – a blaze of colourful smells surrounds you.


Candle - £27 
Waxmelts - £10

**We cannot sell these gorgeous candles and waxmelts  online but you can email us what you would like to order and can pay/collect from salon.**

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